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Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol Z1 2 Channel DJ Controller

  • Native Instruments
  • Native Instruments
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The Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol Z1 is a strong, dependable, and durable controller for Traktor DJ and Traktor Pro. By allowing you to monitor the EQ, effects, filters, and volume on two channels, the Z1 gives you full control. The built-in audio component produces high-quality, club-standard sound. The Kontrol Z1 can be taken anywhere you want due to its small size, but it does not sacrifice efficiency. It's light in weight but tough as nails.

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The Native Instruments TRAKTOR KONTROL Z1 is a 2 channel, pro ready DJ mixing controller for TRAKTOR DJ and TRAKTOR PRO 2.

This compact DJ tool lets you cue up tracks, monitor them and mix them to a professional standard. Packed into this transportable controller are intuitive controls over volume, EQ, high-end filters and effects. All this alongside the built-in audio interface that provides a powerful clean and crisp sound.

As we always do we have selected some key features that we think will help you to decide this is the right product for you:

  • Cue section- Lets you monitor and mix tracks
  • Portable DJ Controller
  • Connect to your iPad or iPhone with TRAKTOR DJ
  • Pro-grade faders, knobs and buttons
  • High class filters
  • Charges your iOS device whilst you are playing
  • Plug and play with TRAKTOR PRO 2
  • Premium club ready sound
  • Build on this purchase with the addition of more Native Instrument products.
  • Add the Kontrol F1 for creative Remix decks
  • Add the Kontrol X1 to control effects, loops and transport functions like play and sync.


One of the best things about buying Native Instruments equipment is that you can always add products to your set up and it is no different with the Kontrol Z1, so build upon this purchase with one of the most intelligent compact controllers available on the market today.

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With a 3-band EQ, dedicated gain controls, and chunky filter knobs for each of its two channels, the top section of TRAKTOR KONTROL Z1 gives you full tactile control over your DJ sets. When using TRAKTOR DJ, pressing and holding the Mode button independently toggles decks between filter (button turns blue) and one-knob FX control (button turns orange). When using TRAKTOR PRO 2, the Mode button toggles between low- and high-resonance filters.


Use the A and B buttons to select which channel you want to cue. The Cue Mix knob adjusts the ratio between cue signal and master output in your headphones. Cue Volume adjusts headphone cue volume.


With smooth line faders for both decks as well as a crossfader, TRAKTOR KONTROL Z1’s fader section lets you mix with effortless style. The easy-to-read level meters give you instant visual feedback when rocking the club.

  • The ideal mixer for a portable TRAKTOR system with premium sound
  • Combined with TRAKTOR DJ, the iPad or iPhone becomes a 2-deck, full-function DJ setup with tactile control
  • Mix and EQ using physical faders and knobs
  • Apply filters and effects with one intuitive sweep knob
  • The TRAKTOR KONTROL Z1 charges the connected iPad or iPhone while in use
  • Premium 24-bit soundcard with high-output stereo master output and low-latency headphone cue
  • Dedicated mixer with 3-band EQ, gain, filter, and pre-listen control for each channel
  • Pro-quality, precision knobs and faders, and high-visibility backlit buttons and meters
  • Charges your iPad or iPhone while you play
  • Includes TRAKTOR LE 2 software
Manufacturer Native Instruments