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Hercules DJ Starter Kit

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Hercules DJ Starter Kit

This Hercules Starter DJ package includes:

  • 1 x DJControl Starlight DJ Controller
  • 2 x DJMonitor 32 DJ Loudspeakers
  • 1 x HDP M40.2 DJ Headphones

The Hercules DJ Starter kit includes everything required for a complete DJ setup and consists of a compact DJControl Starlight DJ controller as well as a pair of DJMonitor 32 DJ loudspeakers which allow you to play your tunes out loud and a set of HDP M40.2 DJ headphones so you can preview your next track and beat-match with ease and is also supplied with a free copy of Serato DJ Lite. This starter DJ kit is perfect for beginner and aspiring DJs looking for a complete, compact DJ setup that’ll let you master the basic DJ techniques with ease so you can mix with confidence.

The DJControl Starlight is a super-compact 2-channel DJ controller that comes equipped with a range of professional quality DJ controls so you can mix with ease. Each channel on the Starlight is fitted with small jog wheels that let you quickly navigate your way through a track as well as scratch while tempo faders ensure you’re always in time with the playing track and transport controls mean you can easily sync, play/pause, and cue your music. Both channels are also equipped with four performance pads which let you trigger hot cues, loops, pad FX, and samples which enable you to perform on-the-fly remixes and mash up your tracks as you see fit. The mixer section provides you with a smooth crossfader as well as a volume knob and two EQ controls for controlling the bass and treble frequencies; the bass EQ control also doubles up as a filter control for performing filter sweeps.

The DJMonitor 32 active monitor loudspeakers come with a super-compact size making them perfect for bedroom DJs and come complete with 3-inch woofers alongside a 0.75-inch shifted tweeter which both works in perfect harmony to deliver a clear sound with an excellent bass response and a pristine high-end. Although these speakers are small in size, they definitely measure up to bigger models in their category especially in terms of sound quality and output power. The DJMonitor 32 speakers make use of high-end components to give you an optimal sound with excellent precision, sound reproduction, and an exceptional listening quality. For a more noticeable stereo image, the speakers come equipped with shifted tweeters as well as dual bass ports so you get a 3D sound that you can rely on.

A decent pair of headphones is a must for absolutely any DJ; the Hercules HDP M40.2 headphones allow you to focus in on your music and isolate yourself away from surrounding noise while you’re beatmatching and preparing a mix. Thanks to the large, super-comfortable pivoting ear cups you get brilliant sound isolation making them perfect for monitoring tracks in entirely any environment while the drivers give you an accurate bass response with a low impedance that ensures a high volume at all times. The flexible headband easily conforms to the shape/size of your head and provides you with complete comfort so you can wear the headphones for long periods without feeling fatigued.

More Information
Manufacturer Hercules

Hercules DJ Starter Kit Key Features:

DJControl Starlight

  • Integrated audio interface: master output and headphone output
  • Touch-sensitive jog wheel; controls pause/playback
  • 4 x pads with 4 modes (hot cue, loop, FX, sampler)
  • Tempo fader (pitch adjustment)
  • Bass equalisation/filter knobs + deck volume knobs
  • A signature light feature: a clear and powerful RGB backlighting system with a unique strobe effect guarantees a captivating show

DJ Speakers

  • Active Monitor Speakers
  • Shifted tweeter for clearer rendering and a more noticable stereo effect in the space
  • Dual bass vent
  • Acoustic Guide Optimised for high-performance sound reproduction
  • RMS output power: 2 x 15w
  • Peak power: 60w
  • Frequency response: 60Hz - 20,000Hz

DJ Headphones

  • Hercules HDP DJ M40.2
  • DJ Headphones to preview next track
  • Efficient noise insulation: the closed back ear cups and wide, comfortable ear pads keep ambient noise out
  • Perfect mobility: these practical headphones swivel round, for easy one ear monitoring and easy folding
  • High sensitivity: ensures a high level of audio output for pre-listening in any environment